Trades apprenticeships available!

Posted: 14th Jun

Did you know you can launch into the workforce and get on the job training while getting paid?!

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn real money that leads directly into a career. You will learn all you need to learn via your training and on-the-job-activities, which means you don't need to have "prior experience" to start earning money.

Lots of apprenticeships are in industries that are in high demand, which means you won't be struggling to find work.

Some apprentices invest their earnings into buying homes, starting their own businesses,  or further education, while others spend it on new cars and other goods. The choice is yours!

Here are some apprenticeship listings that are currently hiring:

If you want more information about getting into trades while you're in your final years of high school then contact the Outer Northern Trades Training Centre on 9464 7779 or

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